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We're under no illusions that no one really enjoys 'trophy time'. It's stressful, time-sensitive, and, to be frank, a pain in the arse. But, there is hope yet! We've racked our brains to try and come up with ways to make it a little easier on everyone, and we're pretty happy with the outcome!

The first is a 100% on-time guarantee, or it's a full refund, no questions asked. We are that committed and that confident that if we say we will deliver, we will deliver! That in itself should be enough to put your mind at ease, but what about the organisation of awards? We've thought about that too!

(There are some very reasonable exceptions to the guarantee— a pandemic being one of them! For a detailed list, please scroll to the bottom of this page).

Your first order with us is crucial because it sets up the foundation for the future. Based on your previous orders, we have set reminders to reach out to our clients 2-months in advance the following year. Here we outline the basic order details of last year, such as quantity per category, award type, and alternative awards within the same budget. By doing this, our goal is to provide everything we can, so all you have to say is say yes or no.

We are also more than happy to draft up and organise all of the plate details, such as player names/award names/division titles, etc. All you have to do is provide us with whatever documentation contains all the details, and we'll input it into our plate template for your approval. Alternatively, if you'd like to organise all the details as per usual, you can download our Plate Template here, which is super easy for you to use, and a tremendous help for us!

Last but certainly not least is our triple-checking method! There is nothing worse than presenting an award only to find out the recipient's name has been misspelled. So we have employed a standardised triple-checking process to help eliminate any chances of mistakes with your order. Whether we organise the awards list or you, that is the first set of eyes. The next will be one of our incredible graphic designers, whose job is to format and draft up and send you the production artwork for approval. We don't proceed until we get final confirmation from our clients that the production artwork is good and there were no mistakes. We've found this to be invaluable in reducing mistakes.

There you have it! Three simple but very effective ways we look to eliminate stress when it comes to trophy time!


Guarantee exceptions:

If it were up to us, we'd put our guarantee on absolutely everything we provide! That's the kind of people we are, but we've learned the hard way that there are just some things out of our control, mainly products coming from overseas. Therefore, the following list outlines the only exclusions to our guarantee:

  1. National/International pandemics (eff you, Covid!)

  2. Custom medals/trophies that are imported from overseas

If our local supplier is out of stock by chance, we will immediately provide you with alternatives to meet your deadline. This should have no impact on delivering your awards on time; thus, will be included in our guarantee.

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