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In today's online world, everything is designed to perfection with appeal in mind. We have all become at home designers in the sense that we can tell when a design looks lovely or really, really bad. Whether it's a local sports club flyer or a plaque on a trophy—design is everywhere.

Never wanting to be on the 'really really bad' side of design, we've partnered up with an incredible design team to ensure everything we produce is world-class! It's our total pleasure to introduce you to our partner in crime, 1991 Designs.

Lead by lead-designer who goes by the name of JX, 1991 Designs takes care of absolutely everything for us! Whether it's a single plaque for a trophy or it's a complex graphically designed cheese board that has to be laser engraved. Everything goes through them and is designed to perfection!

It's the little things they do for us, such as using the right proportions, providing appealing font options, and immediately providing you with complete production artwork for approval before we do anything—all with unlimited revisions and at zero cost for you!

Medal and Trophy has a few unique services that separate us from our competition, and our partnership with 1991 Designs is one of them.

And because we know how damn good they are, we recommend them to all of our clients! Their mission is to provide all businesses, specifically growing sports associations, teams and clubs, with professionally designed graphic design, at incredibly affordable rates! They design everything from logos to social media posts, flyers, to uniforms. If you can think it, they can do it. So go check them out and let them know that Medal and Trophy recommended to you!

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