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Always looking to add extra value to our clients, we hit the board room table with a specific goal in mind: "How can we reduce our prices while maintaining the same or equal standard?" As we sat together to brainstorm over a bite to eat, we came up with some pearlers!

The first really isn't rocket science! All of our suppliers have the same—if not very similar items. So if you're a little flexible on a design/shape and are open to a similar alternative, we can check all suppliers and provide you with the lowest priced option!

The following ideas are a little more creative!

Looking at inspiration from other businesses that provide lower-cost alternatives, we've come up with what we're calling our 'IKEA model'. If you've ever shopped at IKEA, you'll know that they have some rippa prices, but they come with a catch. You have to find all the pieces and then put them together when you get home. Brilliant! This saves you money because you do the assembly. So we're offering the same service! We'll order in all the stock (assemble the super complicated stuff, if any), provide you with all the things you need, such as the trophy, plaques and double-sided tape, and you'll be on your way! And for using our IKEA model, we'll reward you with a 5-15% discount! (Minimum order of 50 trophies/medals total, and the larger the order, the bigger the discount)

Now, this is our favourite solution:

Become a Team Mate of Medal and Trophy and instantly save 15% on your order! And that's not all; you'll also receive:

  1. Priority service and handling

  2. Our 7-day guarantee

  3. Free standard shipping Australia wide

All you have to do is:

  1. Pay your invoice upfront (with the discount applied)

  2. Provide us with two quality referrals (must be of equal comparison to you)

And as a bonus, if one of your referrals buys from us, you'll be upgraded to a Life Member and receive the 15% discount for life!

Sounds crazy? This is our reasoning:

We absolutely love what we do! Creating mementos that recognize and reward people's hard-earned effort gives us a buzz! But we find ourselves spending a lot of time and money chasing up payments and advertising to people who may never buy from us. So we thought, why don't we reward the incredible clients that help support us in both of these areas?

By paying your invoice upfront, you're helping us spend more time providing our top-notch level of service to you and everyone else that walks through our doors!

And the referrals are the biggest help! Because not only will we save time trying to develop clever marketing material, you'll be helping us save thousands of dollars in advertising expenses! Dollars that we can now stay in your pocket—not go to Google's.


So there you have it! Three simple but innovative ways to help you spend less on your awards! And if we come up with any more, we'll be sure to let you know.

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