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Medal and Trophy was founded way back in the year of 1999! It was the good ol’ days when ‘Mambo No. 5’ was dominating our radio-waves. A fella by the name of Martin and his smoking hot wife Loma arrived in Victoria, Australia, after a gruelling 16-hour flight from the motherland, South Africa. Tired, and suffering from corporate burn out, it was the very beginning of a brand new and exciting chapter. 

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But after 20 years (literally), they started to get tired. They began to ponder what their next chapter would look  like…   was  it  on  a  beach  in  Thailand?  Or  maybe

Loma and Martin.jpg

running their own resort up in Queensland? Regardless, no plans could be made before they found someone that would take care of their baby! And lucky for them, they didn’t need to look very far...


They had started to tell some of their clients on the down-low that they were seriously thinking of selling. One of them was Troy, a dashing young, self-acclaimed entrepreneur who’s enthusiasm alone would excite the grinch about Christmas! Funnily enough, Loma had even joked for a couple of years saying: “Who knows? One day we might just sell you the business!”. As I’m sure you could imagine, this excited Troy like you would never believe!


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Mum and Troy.jpg


The future is now! The team knew that trying to keep the

level and quality of service was a going to be a difficult task in and of itself. So when Troy came in wanting to not only sustain, but elevate the shops potential beyond anything that any other trophy distributor has ever done, everyone had the same response… “Typical Troy”. But without vision, you live in darkness.


To do this, Troy’s taken what was a 2-man team, and dramatically expanded it to 9! (10 if you include his grandpa who’s affectionately given himself the title of OHS monitor). Every single role has been developed with a specific intention in mind, so it’s with great honour we introduce you to not only our team but our family!  

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Mum takes care of everything production… and human for that matter! She’s the backbone to the business and the team, making sure jobs get done and we’re all having fun in the process!

Deanna AKA Mum

Handles pretty much everything


Misha is the organised one! She is in charge of all things stock, whether that be ordering, sorting or quoting.


Everyone could use a Michelle in their life!


Takes care of all ordering

& operations 


Troy… well, no one quite knows what Troy really does?


But he claims he works ‘on the business, not in it, so we kind of just leave him be! It’s easier that way.


Has fun & pretends to work


Chez is the heart of the business. Without her, we could not run! She handles, prioritises, organises, invoices (and 1,000 other things) all orders and inquiries and communicates with all of our overseas partners. 


Handles and organises all

emails & online sales


JX is our full-time designer and is here to increase all of our client's branding efforts! With his imagination and creative eye, he is a major contributor that sets us apart from everyone else!

Jevillax AKA JX

Our graphic design wizard


Logan is the machines expert! He handles all the big toys for us. These include the Laser engraver, Diamond drag engraver, and Sandblasting unit. But the toy he uses most is his phone! Bloody millennials.


Handles all the big toys


Carls is our marketing and promos creator! Her role is to create as much value as possible for all of our current and potential clients.


So any time you get a rippa deal, you can thank Carlee for that!


Is our marketing a

promos expert


Vip is our bookkeeper. He’s the one that makes sure we’re not giving away too much and have enough money to pay the bills. He’s also waiting to get a hair cut before we put up his photo, so in the meantime, enjoy Troy’s drawing of him! 

Vipul AKA Vip

Is our numbers man!


Rob-dog! The guy who calls Troy up at 9am on a Monday morning to discuss serious hazards… you know, stuff like moving the bins 4 inches to the left to allow more room for mum when she walks past. Gotta love him! 

Rob AKA Grandpa

Our self-titled OHS monitor



We are very big believers that the secret to living is giving. That’s why we’ve partnered up with three phenomenal charities that go beyond to contribute to their wider communities. Our incredible charities are:

Coming Soon!.png
Coming Soon!.png
Coming Soon!.png

Simply put, our 'Trophies for Charity' initiative donates 1 trophy for every $250+ transaction. A $1,000 transaction = 4 trophies and so on. The best thing yet is the trophies are donated on behalf of the purchasing client, so everyone can share in the joy of giving! If you'd like to read more about our 'Trophies for Charity' Initiative, click here!

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