+ The Second Chapter Sisterhood™

Where like-minded women come together to mix, mingle, and mastermind. The Sisterhood is where women gather in a casual, social setting to inquire and inspire, and to help each other over the barriers between themselves and their goals. This networking and skill-building series, facilitated by yours truly, is for women who are seeking what's next in their "second chapter" and is designed to both elevate the spirit and educate the mind. There's strength in Sisterhood.

+ Getting Past Hello!™

Miles in Heels’ Golden Rules for “Getting Past Hello!”™ is a totally unique, out-of-the box curriculum focusing on the art of creating lasting business relationships. This fresh, engaging, highly interactive program gives people the necessary tools to take charge of any networking situation. Meeting people is one thing; taking those introductions to the next level and “Getting Past Hello!” is something else entirely.

+ Mojo Masterclass™

A four-part, customized, one-on-one “Confidence Coaching” session — something everyone needs. Every day, women share with me their struggles to silence the negative self-talk that prevents them from taking those first steps toward achieving their dreams. From the seasoned business woman to the tentative entrepreneur incubating a killer idea, everyone needs a cheerleader once in a while, a savvy outside perspective to help motivate them and point them in the right direction. Start off with a complimentary 15-minute virtual coffee break session and we’ll assess what we can do to boost your mojo!



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