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  • Do you engrave on items that aren't purchased from your shop?
    We certainly do!! We totally get that you might find something at the shops you'd like engraved, but we don't supply it. For that reason, you can bring almost anything in to be personalised and engraved! If it can be done, we'll do it. You can check out some of the stuff we've engraved here!
  • You keep saying 'Sublimation' on your website, what the heck is that?"
    We're glad you asked! In simple terms, sublimation is a fancy word for 'heat pressed'. We use a special printer, ink and paper to transfer any image, text, or design onto metal. This is the most common way to do those little plates on your trophies and medals. Standard sublimation is not UV resistant, so it's perfect for anything that is kept indoors! With that being said, we do have an upgraded option for outdoor use, which comes with a 5-year guarantee. So can we sublimate outdoor signs? You betcha! You can check out some of our plates, badges and signs here.
  • Once my order is approved, when will it be done?"
    Great question! We'd love to give you an exact answer, but as I'm sure you understand, it totally depends on a few things. Some things to consider: How large is the order? Do we have the stock on hand, or does it need to be ordered in? Is it our peak time? With that being said, we endeavour to complete your job as fast as possible. Typically we can finish most jobs within 3-4 business days if we have the stock on hand! And if you have an urgent job, maybe even faster. The best thing to do is always let us know when you need your awards or giftware, and we'll do everything humanly possible to get it done in time. That's our promise!
  • Do you provide artwork for approval before proceeding with my order?
    We certainly do! This is something we pride ourselves on. Through our partnership with 1991 Designs, we offer a service unparalleled by other trophy suppliers. You can work directly with our graphic designers to ensure that your product is laid out to perfection! This means that you typically get artwork within a few hours of your order and unlimited revisions/proofs until it looks exactly the way you envisioned it. How's that for service? We can provide artwork proofs before the production of any job. Company policy sees us automatically send artwork for all corporate/giftware orders. But that doesn't mean we can't send proofs of plates to check spelling before production. Whatever you'd like to see, just let us know!
  • What happens when there is a mistake on my order?
    We have multiple prevention methods in place to ensure your order is correct the first time, every time! But once in a blue moon, something might have missed both of our eyes (we're all human). In this rare case, we make every effort to fix the mistake in time for your order as our top priority. If it is our mistake, we will replace it 100% free of charge. If you've accidentally provided us with the wrong spelling, for instance—if it takes us less than 10 minutes, like replacing a plate, we won't charge you. If it's something a little more complicated, we might have to charge you a fee. But lets not even go there!! As we said at the start, our motto is: 'first time right every time.'
  • We usually order the same, or similar order, every year. Do you keep records of past jobs?"
    We certainly do! Even better, we strive to touch base with all of our clients a month or two before their awards, detailing their last order and asking if they would like any changes! As sad as it is, we know no one really enjoys 'trophy time'. So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get back to doing your job while we take care of everything else.
  • Be honest, why should we work with you, over other trophy suppliers?"
    To be frank, our services, combined with our customer service, is second to none. We're not saying our competitors aren't friendly or competent; we're sure they are! We've just put hours, months and years of brainstorming and planning to give you the very best service possible. Most businesses fall into the trap of working in the business and not on it. That's not us! We're constantly evaluating and looking for ways to be more efficient and provide you, our clients, and partners the very best service possible. So there's that, but that's not all! We believe the secret to living is giving. And we love to give! That's why we've partnered up with 3 local charities and have set up an initiative called 'Trophies for Charity'. You can read all about it here, but in a nutshell—for every $250 spent, we donate 1x trophy on behalf of our clients to one of our charities. We get a $2,000 transaction? We donate 8 trophies, and so on. Pretty cool, huh? We could go on, but we don't want to bore you. All you need to know is we absolutely love what we do! And when you love what you do, that's when magic is created. We can't wait to make some magic with you!



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