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A Perpetual award is a trophy that year by year will continually add the names of new winners.

Plaques and Cups can also be used as perpetual trophies, but are most commonly used as a one-off award presented to a champion. 

Key takeaways:

These types of awards come in a range of price points, starting from inexpensive to premium! 

Perpetuals and Plaques are most commonly made from a mahogany timber finish, unless the perpetual is a cup or custom made trophy.

Cups come in a range of materials ranging from inexpensive plastics to premium metal cups plated in silver or gold. These cups can be customised with either a solid black acrylic base or a high-gloss premium piano finish timber base.

All Perpetuals, Plaques and Cups include their first engraving absolutely free!


The process of assembling these types of awards will vary depending on our client's requirements. All of these awards will be hand-assembled and customised using one of the following methods:

  • Laser Engraving

  • Diamond-drag Engraving

  • Sublimation

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