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Championship Rings are the ultimate sports trophy!


And Medal and Trophy has an exclusive partnership with Jewel Empire, which is Australia's #1 championship ring supplier!

Key takeaways:

What makes a championship ring the ultimate sports trophy is that every facet of the ring is totally customisable.


And unlike traditional trophies or medals which usually end up in a box under your bed, you can either wear the ring with pride or display it on your desk without it taking up any room at all.   


The process of designing and making a ring is an immersive experience in itself. When ordering your own set of rings, you'll work one-on-one with Jewel Empire's ring artists to design from the ground up exactly what your ring is going to look like! Once finalised and approved, they'll take care of absolutely everything when it comes to creating the rings! You can visit their website to learn more; click here.

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