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We are very big believers that the secret to living is giving. That’s why we’ve partnered up with three phenomenal charities that go beyond to contribute to their wider communities. Our incredible charities are:

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Wanting to spread the incredible sense of accomplishment and pride that you get when giving back to your local community, we wanted to allow all of our clients to get in on the action! So we put our thinking caps on and devised a plan. We are ‘over the moon’ excited to present to you the outcome of our brand new initiative, ‘Trophies for Charity’!


Basically, how it works is for every $250 spent per transaction, Medal and Trophy will donate 1 trophy to the chosen charity, on behalf of that client. So to show you just how powerful this is, if a client spends $3,000 in one transaction, we will donate 12 trophies on their behalf. $30,000? That’s right, 120 trophies! Talk about spreading the love! 


Our commitment is that we will do this for every transaction, no conditions! (Well… it has to be a minimum transaction size of $250, but thats it!!)


Now, if you’ve looked through our website you may be thinking, “hang on, these guys keep writing about being as savvy as possible to keep costs low, therefore giving their clients the best deals… how’s this going to work?”. Or maybe you’re thinking that this is a beautiful idea and you love what we’re trying to do, but you’d rather apply what we spend on the charitable trophies as a discount to your order... (to that we would say shame on you!). But you don’t have to worry!! At no point do we add any kind of additional or hidden fees to cover these expenses. We do it all out of the money in our pockets. Whether it be through excess stock we have on hand, or striking a good deal on discontinued trophies from our suppliers. You will never pay more, only reap the benefits and feels of giving beyond yourself! That we promise.

The secret to living is giving. And if you’re in a position where you can, you should! And that’s what we’re doing. So with your support, together we can help recognise all of the monumental efforts that are made every single day by our local volunteers and community members.

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