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Friendly Reminders (and a bit of the Nitty-Gritty) for our

Payment Policies and Procedures


*Last Updated: July 28, 2023*


Hey, Party People!

Welcome to the VIP room of Medal and Trophy Innovations (MTI). We believe in throwing a good party, and that means keeping things transparent, simple, and lively! By ordering from us, you're joining the party and agreeing to these terms.


The Dance of Dollars

Before your order can leave the dance floor and make its way to you, we need to receive your full payment.

Early Arrival Discount

We appreciate party-goers who are ready to groove from the start! For orders over $100, settle your invoice in full before the due date, and we'll thank you with a 5% discount. That's our cheers to you!

Syncing the Beats

Your project timeline and invoice due date are like a perfectly choreographed dance. The due date on your invoice corresponds with your project's pick-up or dispatch date. We like to keep the rhythm consistent!

Late Show

When the payment doesn't make it on time, it's like a DJ missing a beat. Note that any delay in your payment might result in a late fee—nobody likes an unexpected party crasher!

Handling the Party Crashers

Invoices that are left unpaid 14 days after the due date will face the music—a firm $50 late fee per invoice. This fee keeps our party operations smooth and the music playing.

Guest List Exceptions

Don't worry, sometimes we offer our loyal party-goers a VIP pass. Exceptions to these rules can be made for long-standing patrons with a solid payment track record, or when unforeseen party poopers (like circumstances beyond control) have crashed your party.

*Remember, your timely payments keep the party going and ensure we continue delivering you the best of the best. Party on!


And just a quick heads up:

These terms are as good as gold from the moment you agree to them—and you agree to them the moment you approve your order. If we need to change anything major, we'll let you know so you're not caught off guard.


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