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Friendly Reminders (and a bit of the Nitty-Gritty) for our

Graphic Design Services


Hey there! Let's start by saying, we're not here to trip you up with a bunch of rules and regulations. We just want to make sure we're on the same page, providing the best service we can, while also keeping things fair and square. So here's the lowdown on how we roll when it comes to artwork and approval:

The "Tweak it till it's Perfect" Bit:

At Medal and Trophy, we offer you two free shots at tweaking the initial artwork design. We value your input and we're all ears for your feedback. Our design team will then wave their magic wand to create a revised design. However, beyond the first two tweaks, each extra "wave of the wand" comes at a modest $25 per revision. This accumulates until completed, and will pop up as a separate line on your invoice.

The "All Good to Go" Part:

When you give us the written thumbs-up on the final artwork design, it means you're totally happy with everything. So, if any changes, fixes, or "oopsies" are found after this point, they might bring some additional charges. By saying "yes" to the final artwork, you're telling us you've checked everything and you're cool with it. So, if any sneaky errors have snuck past both of us, we're sorry to say they're on you, not us.

The "Let's Get This Show on the Road" Moment:

Once we get your written approval, we hit the ground running and begin production of your project. Due to the unique nature of our products, we can't do refunds or returns once we've started. Any changes you'd like after we've hit the go button might not be possible, or might need a bit more dosh, depending on the situation.

And just a quick heads up:

These terms are as good as gold from the moment you agree to them—and you agree to them the moment we begin working on your artwork. If we need to change anything major, we'll let you know so you're not caught off guard.


In the end, we're all about creating fabulous designs and keeping things smooth. Here's to working together on some brilliant creations!

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